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-Consultancy on Thermal Solar Energy: hot water for showers, bidets, lavatories, bath tubs, kitchen, industrial use, swimming pools and radiant floor;
-Consultancy in Construction of buildings, hotels, hospitals, gyms, houses, spas, clubs, farms and others: support to the client in the stages of choosing planners and suppliers, of projects, of construction and of fittings, until the end of the work;
-Lectures on thermal energy for schools, universities and for architects, decorators and engineers associations and others (Eng. Karla de Queirós Mattoso e Sousa);
-Projects of any size on thermal solar energy: development in harmony with the client´s architectural, electric, structural and hydraulic projects, making of calculations and studies of shading;
-Integration of projects aiming at transferring the excess of energy produced at a point to another one lacking it;
-Projects of systems components (solar collectors and hot water tanks of exceptional quality, switch boards and others). Such projects were delivered to companies which commit themselves to excellence and which obey the specifications received, in the manufacturing and installation of the systems;
-Construction: over 25 years of experience of engineer Renato Martins Alves de Sousa.
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