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The Company
KR Consultoria, Projetos e Edificações Ltda. - KRsolar was founded in August 1989, in Belo Horizonte (MG), Brazil, when it started offering consulting services in Civil Engineering.
Specialized in solar water heating for domestic and industrial use, swimming pools and radiant floor, KRsolar offered, in this area, consulting services and development of projects of any size for buildings, houses, hotels, farms, industries, gyms, clubs and spas.
KRsolar was responsible for the introduction of solar energy in
several buildings of many civil construction companies in Brazil, which, until the end of the eighties, used conventional heating systems (electricity and/or gas). Thus, companies such as Líder, Castor, Otizez, Sólida, Castelo, Resende Rolla, M.Martins, Patrimar, CMB, Mapa, CMD, Reside, Elaborar, Copam, Humberto Lopes and others started using solar water heating systems in buildings of up to 25 floors.
For over 10 years, KRsolar developed and supervised the projects, manufacturing and installation of solar systems components by industries that offer their clients high quality equipment. These systems respect the characteristics of each architectonic project, aiming at efficiency, economy and minimum interference in the designer work.
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